Racial Geography Project

The Racial Geography Project is a research collective convened and led by Fabiola López-Durán (Associate Professor of Art and Architectural History) and Adrienne Rooney (Ph.D. Candidate, Art History). Working with members of the Task Force Steering Committee, the collective investigates histories of racism and racialization registered in the Rice University campus—from its land and buildings, to its monuments and ornaments.

To learn more about the Project’s work in progress, you can watch its March 2021 webinar, follow the collective on Instagram, subscribe to the Racial Geography Podcast, or read a working document about the collective’s effort to create an interactive digital map informed by its research.

The members of the Racial Geography Project are Venus Alemanji, Marc Armeña, Giovanna M. Bassi Cendra, Gabriella Feuillet, Dalia Gulca, Chaney Hill, Sumin Hwang, Spoorthi Kamepalli, Philip Kelleher, Lynne Lee, Amy Lin, Lauren Ma, James McCabe, Anthony Nguyen, Soha Rizvi, Sanvitti Sahdev, Morgan Seay, Karen Siu, Jared Snow, Amber Wang, and Emily Weaver.